How to Spend a Trendytional Christmas?

As you already know the 20 Prieuré Hotel provides a special deal to spend a very Trendy Christmas. On the occasion many outlets of the Marais offer from 10% to 20% off on their products, from Bewatch and Etat Libre d’Orange to Gay Choc and La Cocotte. But, even though your presents would be so trendy, we know that you would be sad if Christmas lost its traditional aspect, which still reminds your childhood. This is why the 20 PH has decided to come back on two Christmas traditions.

The 13 Christmas Desserts
At the end of the Christmas’s Eve dinner, we used to opt for an iced yule log to refresh our mouth after a dried chestnut Turkey. This year we prefer the 13 Christmas desserts, as in Provence. In homage to the 13 guests of the Last Supper, they will be served in the same time and in abundance. It includes the “four beggars” (almonds, hazelnuts, dates and dried figs), the pompe à l’huile (a sweet cake with orange flavor that has to be broken as Jesus Christ had broken the bread) and various fruit and delicacies as the Calisson d’Aix (almond-paste pastry) and sometimes cheese! So, dash off to Gay Choc and La Cocotte to fill up with good food and let’s eat!

The Strokes of Midnight
Most of the time we celebrate the Happy New Year’s Eve with our friends. We dance, we laugh and between two glasses of champagne we snack things full of calories! Midnight is coming and everybody is getting excited, waiting for the final strokes. But, what is the fuss all about? This  old French tradition looks like a superstition thing. Celebrating Happy New Year appears like a sign of prosperous and good resolutions. The tradition says that each one has to eat a grape for each stroke. This way, fortune and happiness will knock on your door for the new year. If you don’t, beware! This is also the time for the New Year’s gift, money most of the time. At the 20 PH we prefer scandalous perfume from Etat Libre d’Orange or a so trendy fluorescent watch from Bewatch, don’t you?

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