How to stay chic while biking?

As the vélib´ enthusiast that you are, you can’t imagine moving around Paris in anything else. However, one question remains in your head… How to stay pretty while on a bike? To avoid saying goodbye to your hairstyle, or ripping your pretty gipsy dress in two seconds, follow our advice!

Photo credit: Pure People

- Adopt the flat shoes of your preference (the perfect occasion to use your favorite K.Jacques)
- Tie your hair or accept the “combed- uncombed” effect of biking
- Equip yourself with a mudguard for the rainy days (and yes, it also rains in the summer), and a chain guard so that you can wear your favorite maxi dresses (without getting the hem stuck and falling)
- Choose a bag across your shoulders, besides practical it’s also so Parisian!

For us, the queen of vélib´ style, is indeed Jessica Alba!

And you, do you have another piece of advice to give our cycling friends?

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  1. Surtout rester soi-même.
    Le vélo renforcera votre classe toute naturelle.

  2. 20PH says:

    On est fan des sites Cycle Chic! Merci de votre intérêt!

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